devul for the web

I’ve started to develop a web-version of devul.

The idea is letting people try out “the devul concept”, namely Type Now, Edit Later!, without having to download & install anything.

It is even more minimalistic than the desktop version of devul. For example, it does not create any files. Instead, you have to copy&paste the result (shown after pressing the “Done” button) yourself.

Possible improvements:

  • Internet Explorer support (tested with FireFox and Chrome so far, I guess it should work on Safari and Opera also)
  • Copying the text to clipboard when pressing “Done”
  • Beginning in “Pause mode“, as the desktop version does
  • Mailing the result text somewhere

Of course, the text does not show until you press "Done"



devul banners

David suggested adding some devul banners. So I played with a couple of 80×15 sketches tonight.

Some explanation: The top one is simply “devul“. The second one, T.N.E.L., stands for “type now, edit later”, the devul “slogan”.

Three and four features a reduced version of TNEL: “type” and “TYPE“.

What do you think?