About devul

Have you ever felt the urge to write fiction?

And have you proceeded with that urge, trying to express yourself in a word processor?

And when you’re there, staring at your words, have you felt the distraction of your own words? Changing this and that, fixing spelling errors, grammars, the structure of paragraphs, dialogue and so on?

Then you know how annoying editing can be. It simply never ends!

Manipulating your text while typing takes away the flow of creative writing. It’s like a nagging road block slowing you down all the time.

Imagine if you could write with the flow intact, not being distracted by what you see?

In other words, what if you could remove the distraction of editing while you type? What if you simply could not see nor change the words you type, forcing you to focus on typing instead of editing?

That is what devul does for you: It promotes typing, and hinders editing.

That does not mean you will not edit your text. Any text needs editing. It just means editing will come later, after you have fininshed the flow part of your creative writing.

Or, put another way:

Type Now, Edit Later.

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Screenshots (devul as seen in Ubuntu)

devul on Ubuntu, before starting to write

devul on Ubuntu, when writing

The web version of devul

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Installing devul


Alternative one: Installer – devul0.05.exe.
Alternative two: Zip archive.

  1. Download (6.6 mb)
  2. Extract it (right-click and choose “Extract all”)
  3. Double-click devul.exe


  1. Download and put it somewhere
  2. Open up a terminal and cd yourself to somewhere
  3. Type “python” (you might need to “sudo apt-get install python-tk”)


  1. Download and put it somewhere
  2. Look somewhere up with Finder
  3. Double-click (An App icon named “devul” appears beside
  4. Double-click the devul App icon

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Quick manual

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Need more?


9 thoughts on “devul

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  2. Nice little summary, very “to the point”. It’s tricky to describe devul, the premise “Writing a text without seeing the result” seems pretty counter-intuitive at first glance. The best way to “get” the devul idea is to simply download it and use it, it’s only six megs. ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS I refuse to capitalize the name, I’ve grown up with Unix systems where capital letters in command names is punishable by flogging. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Thanks DW!

    I’m quite ambivalent about “Devul” or “devul”. I agree about small caps in the *nix world – a capital D would be a curse! – but at the same time, a small “devul” looks wrong on Windows.

    Maybe I should simply use “devul” as a brand, and choose the “localized Devul” on Windows distribution .zip/.exe?

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