This blog is a place for me to reflect on software development. I used to write programming texts on my main blog, OlofB[eta], but since that blog is more about politics these days, I moved the programming related blogs here instead. During the move I also switched to english, making discussions with international programming friends easier.

The name of the blog, Voice Steam, is a fake direct translation of the village I grew up in, Röstånga in the south of Sweden. “Röst” means “voice” and “ånga” means “steam”.

Front page of book

“In My Humble Opinion” is the working title of an open source book I’m writing. Visit the Facebook page to track it’s progress.

The license of the book is Creative Commons share-alike non-commercial, which means you may:

– copy, share and republish anything in the book however you like (that is the Creative Commons part of the license)
– remix and republish any content (just keep same license, CC_by_sa_nc)
– not sell as a separate product (that’s the non-commercial part of the license)
– contact me if you want to get an exception to any of these rules
Click here to read the details of this license

The condition to republish a remix of the work is that you attribute the work, which means you provide a link back to this blog. Please call the link something like “In My Humble Opinion”.

Twitter: olofb