GTD – emergent physical inbox

GTD - emergent physical inbox

I’ve started reading the chapter about implementing a GTD system on your own. The book seems to prefer simple systems, and generally, physical things: a physical inbox, a physical filing system (at least 4 filing cabinets), a clean, big desk and so on.

While I do appreciate pen and paper a lot, I’m a bit too convenient with digital tools to not see the efficiency of e.g. a directly searchable reference set.

But one point I cannot ignore – I have to handle the physical “inbox items” like mail and notes from meetings somehow. That nag, together with the realisation it’s not socially accepted to pull up the mobile phone to take note of an idea flying through your head while in a meeting, made me realise I already got a physical inbox.

It’s the little sealable pocket on the outside of my “mans bag”. I commonly put small pieces of paper, like receipts or a ticket, there to keep for later. So now whenever I’m in a meeting I just write a note on a piece of paper and put it in my “new” physical inbox for later processing. And it’s not frowned upon by the people around the table 🙂


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