G.T.D. weekly review of system

G.T.D. weekly review of system

The Getting Stuff Done book prescribes getting into the habit of reviewing your own GTD system (on top of checking the actual content of your “inbox” and all the lists and plans) once a week. I’ve done that “weekly review” process twice a day for several days now – so I thought now is time to slow down and review and stabilize for a week 🙂

So I’m challenging myself to choose a set of tools for all parts of the system tonight — and keep them for a week.

Choosing a “stuff collector” – also known as inbox(es)

The image above shows part of that process – picking an “inbox” or “collect” tool. The Evernote one has been thrown out the window as per today (read more). It was the tool that promised all of those four categories, however due to bugs and other issues I’m deprecating it.

Left is pen and paper, Google Keep and the inbox of GMail.

One observation is that the Email inbox is something I will have regardless. The same is actually true for Keep, as I’m happy to use that for the (context based) TODO lists, as well as the Waiting list.

I really like using pen and paper to take notes and draw sketches – I keep at least one note-it pad and one small striped notebook by my work desk. And another or two in my bag. The caveat is that neither is available all the time, or rather, as much as the mobile phone.

Reflecting on the kind of notes I usually take, 99% is text. The rest is sketches and photos evenly distributed. Audio would be nice as it’s more convenient sometimes (walking in the street e.g.) than writing or typing. I’m not very interested in so called “web clips” (saving subsets of webpages) or saving URLs for later processing.

Here’s all parts needed and my current picks:

1. InboxGMail inbox + something unknown

2. Someday/Maybeunknown

3. Referenceunknown

4. Projects – online Google Spreadsheet:

– easy to get overview of all project

– separate columns for project description, “Why” and “Goal vision/image”

– each project gets a unique ID (row in the table) which eases cross-referencing from other parts of system

5. Project plansWorkflowy seems to fit my mind well, but I think this be a lot of different solutions depending on the kind of project:

– Software project? An issue tracker on github.com or maybe Trello.com.

– A trip? A google doc maybe, or a simple etherpad.

6. Waiting list – A checklist in Google Keep is quite enough for now. One idea would be to use Any.do for this one, Remember the milk or Todoist, just to separate from (8) very clearly.

7. Calendar&remindersGoogle Calendar is my favorite for years. Has SMS text reminders free of charge to – great service.

8. Contextual TODO lists – I will go back to Google Keep. Trello was a bit overkill for a bunch of checklists. Google Keep also shows all of them on one screen, which is easy enough.

Anyway, I’ll present the first iteration of the full system tonight.

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