G.T.D. update – Evernote is history

This blog post was supposed to be about the last ideas I’ve picked up from the book. Instead, it will be the blog post where I say good bye to Evernote!

I was not able to download an image from a note using the Web App of evernote (evernote.com that is). Took me an hour of wasted effort and fruitless attempts, including trying to get in contact with the online Chat service that is supposed to be included in Evernote Premium (which I’m on because I’m an O2 customer here in UK). I ended up putting public updates to the Evernote Facebook Page as well as PMing them, to no avail 😦

I did have some concern before installing Evernote due to this blog post and one of the first things I noticed was that the Audio feature didn’t play without installing QuickTime but I kept with it for some days, but this is it. Good bye Evernote!



2 thoughts on “G.T.D. update – Evernote is history

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