Choosing GTD software

Erik Eckel / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

I’m keen on the Getting Things Done method of personal “mind management”, so I’m trying to find software that supports this.

So far I’ve tried out Google Keep, which is nice for todo lists on mobile and in a web browser. I simply keep a TODO-list per Context I’ve discovered so far.

What I missed in Keep was support for concepts such as projects and goals (see my previous blog post on the GTD topic).

Here’s the systems I want to try out:

Several things are in play – platforms (Android app? Firefox support?), offline mode (collecting “stuff” as it’s called in the book, can happen anytime, need offline mode!), …

It all comes down how to is how efficient I can be doing the 5 steps of the GTD process:

  1. Collect (record ideas)
  2. Process (think about goal and next steps)
  3. Organise (express and organize goal and next steps)
  4. Review (read tasks in context)
  5. Do (tick things)

Steps (2) is thought matter; I’ll use my own software for that one 😉

I think (1) and (3) are the important ones for the GTD-system. (5) is very good implemented in any of the above softwares, while (4) is dependent on some kind of “tab”, “label” or other grouping feature working smoothly.

Update: added another system called “” to list to try. Since posting I’ve also got a nagging feeling separating the tasks of “collecting ideas” and organizing them (steps 2-4 essentially) could actually be completely separate softwares. It’s in line with the books idea of focusing on one of the steps at a time – having different tools for each step would solidify that idea. Hmm.


4 thoughts on “Choosing GTD software

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  3. GTDNext: thank you definitely worth a look, however, it’s on my “someday” list as of now since I’m swamped with getting my understanding of GTD fundamentals in place before learning a new system. If I do look into your system I will definitely review it on this blog! 🙂

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