Cost of development

As you might know I’ve been trying to create a “batteries included” archive of devul for Windows. One of the limiting factors to that end has been the lack of a Windows environment at home.

Having no development & test environment readily available makes it that much harder to get anything done, as you can imagine. I have both Ubuntu and MacOSX at home, and I’ve been trying to find an old Virtual Box harddrive-file (.VM) of Windows XP I used to have somewhere in my shelves, without any luck.

Now I’m thinking – all this hassle in getting devul running & tested in an operating-specific manner (an installer or at least a .zip file with an .exe in it under Windows) and the equivalent for OSX (a real App I guess it is called, neatly wrapped in a .dmg file or at least a .zip) is real economic road-bumps. Road bumps that are consequences of Windows and OSX being non-free operating systems.

The opposite case – If  I had a Windows development computer at home, using Virtual Box to test the program under Ubuntu (virtually) would be childs play.

Viewing this situation abstractly creates a “dynamic” that will, in the long run, make the quality of software on platforms that are non-free, like Windows and Mac, lower. Since they force the developer to have their operating installed at home to develop, unlike Linux OS’s that are free to use on all platforms.


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