devul: new splash image!

I played around a little with the devul splash image. I resized it to 200×200, added the “core dogma” of devul – Type now, edit later! – and moved the devul in between the horns.

I’m a bit ambivalent if I want to keep the devul down at the lower-right corner of the splash (as in previous posts), or between the horns. What do you think?

Read about the background of devul


3 thoughts on “devul: new splash image!

  1. It looked good in the lower right, although personally I’d skip the text entirely. It’s a great and easily recognized logo so the text seems kinda superfluous.

    The slogan “Write now, edit later” is spot on so you should keep using that for banners and so on. But please don’t “destroy” the logo by adding text to it, a minimalist app should have a minimalist logo. 😛

  2. OK great ideas. I also like minimalism “all over” so the logo should reflect that 😉

    Banners is a good idea! I think WordPress uses 180px wide margins, I’ll I’m for that width.

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