devul v0.04: Faster window & basic MacOSX support

I just pushed version 0.04 of devul to bitbucket. The new thing is that the window opens and closes faster than before. The underlying reason is the switch from Pygame to Tkinter for window/event handling.

And with this change, it’s possible to run devul on MacOSX. Since Python is installed by default under Mac, it’s just a matter of double-clicking the When you’ve done that, double-click the new “devul”-file that has shown up next to the file. (Sadly, an empty Console-window appears beneath devul. Live with it for now!)

Next step is compiling an .exe for the Windows version of devul. Hang on!

Read about the background of devul

Update: small additional change is that the file being created while writing devulish words is given a name based on the time it is created. It is saved under the folder “devul”, which resides in the home folder on the computer. That is “/home/USERNAME/devul” under Linux/Mac, and “Documents and Settings/devul” in Windows . This makes it easier to find all your devul texts!

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