devul v0.03: timestamp & summary

Wed Nov 10 20:26:17 2010

A little update on the progress of devul. First of all maloki wrote a great text about the “birth” of devul at fscons last weekend. Great summary!

As you can see we’re up in version v0.03. The news first this version is the addition of a “header” and a “footer” in the text produced while writing with devul.

The header provides a timestamp. This is the time when you start writing.

The footer gives some statistics for your “session” eg. number of words written, and the pace you wrote them in.

This blog post was written using v0.03 as you can see 🙂

Oh, and maloki asked me to draw a “poster” image – it’s the one up above!

During 7 minutes, 131 words were added at a pace of 1109 words per hour.

(click to download; you need Ubuntu & Python to run devul right now. Read about why devul exists)


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